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Barenaked Lunch (often known as The Pink Tape due to its pink J-card) is the second demo tape recorded by Barenaked Ladies. It was the first release to feature bassist Jim Creeggan and percussionist Andy Creeggan in addition to founding members Steven Page and Ed Robertson. About 2,000 copies of the tape were made, and were typically sold by the band as merch at concerts.

The final tape was accidentally mastered at the wrong speed, resulting in the audio sounding about a semitone too high in pitch. A speed-corrected version of "Night Photographs" was eventually released in 1997 on The Ladies Room, Vol. 1, the first in a series of CD releases exclusive to the band's fan club.

Track listing Edit

  1. Night Photographs
  2. The Trouble With Tracy
  3. Blame It On Me
  4. Be My Yoko Ono
  5. If I Had $1000000

Trivia/Notes Edit

  • This tape's versions of "Night Photographs" and "The Trouble With Tracy" can be heard in the background of a segment advertising BNL's discography in BNLTV, the enhanced CD-ROM included on Rock Spectacle.

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Barenaked Ladies Edit

Production Edit

  • Produced by Steve and Ed
  • Mixed by Ed

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