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In BNL's first six official music videos, Ed plays a vintage Harmony acoustic guitar; specifically, a Harmony H168[1], a model that was only made from 1969-1970 and which Ed describes as a copy of the Gibson Dove[2].

A picture of another guitar of the same model, courtesy the Harmony Database.


Barenaked Ladies - Enid (Video)

BNL's video for "Enid", in which Ed plays his Harmony guitar.

In the commentary for Barelaked Nadies, Ed notes that the guitar had been owned by his family since he was a kid and that it was the first acoustic guitar he had ever played. By the time he was using it in videos, however, the guitar was not actually in playable condition as it had been "nailed to the wall of [his] bedroom for a little while, 'cause the bridge had lifted off",[3] and thus was used purely for aesthetic reasons. Ed first used it in the video for "Lovers in a Dangerous Time", filmed in late 1991, and last used it in the 1994 video for "Jane".

The guitar features an orange "pumpkin" finish (as described by the Harmony catalog) [1] and a "Fender-style" headstock with all the tuning pegs on one side; an unusual feature on acoustic guitars. The original retail price was $64.50[1]; adjusted for inflation, it would cost about USD $430 (CAD $536) in 2017.


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