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Grade 9 is a song written and performed by Barenaked Ladies, and is the third track on their full-length debut album Gordon.


Barenaked Ladies First TV Appearance

BNL performing "Grade 9" on Friday Night! with Ralph Benmergui in 1992

Trivia & Notes[]

  • The song contains numerous allusions to other well-known compositions:
  • This was the only song until "Why Say Anything Nice?" from 2007's Barenaked Ladies Are Men to feature a writing credit for Tyler, and the only song until "Food Party" from 2008's Snacktime! to be credited to the entire band (at the time).
  • When performed live, the line about "watching Wrath of Khan" is sometimes changed to "watching Chaka Khan", "rugger pants" is sometimes changed to "rubber pants", and "high school dance" is sometimes changed to "south of France".