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"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" is a song originally written and recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn for his 1984 album Stealing Fire. It was famously covered by Barenaked Ladies in 1991 for the Bruce Cockburn tribute album Kick at the Darkness, released by Intrepid Records.

BNL's version of "Lovers" ended up being a Top 40 hit in Canada, peaking at #16 on the RPM 100 charts on February 15, 1992.

Music video[]

"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" was BNL's first proper music video, shot in and around the band's hometown of Scarborough, Ontario on "the two coldest days of November 1991", according to Tyler Stewart. It was directed by Toronto-based filmmaker Tim Hamilton (who would later direct the band's second video, "Enid") and was funded by VideoFACT, a program of the Canadian cable network MuchMusic that provided funding for emerging Canadian artists to make videos.


The music video for "Lovers in a Dangerous Time", directed by Tim Hamilton in 1991

The video depicts the band playing the song in the back of a pickup truck driving around Scarborough, intercut with footage of local streets and businesses and a couple walking through town from their apartment building. Towards the end of the video, the truck parks in front of a record store and the band go inside to sign t-shirts and cassettes. A mob of customers ignore them, but the couple seen throughout the video arrive to have their copies of The Yellow Tape signed, to the band's delight. The video ends with the band playing and dancing with fans in a snowy field.