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Starting with their 1992 debut album Gordon, one song for each of Barenaked Ladies' first six studio albums was recorded with the band completely nude in the studio. These are called the "naked tracks".

The tradition started when the band was recording the bed tracks (that is, the raw take of the song onto which overdubs and edits are later made) for "King of Bedside Manor"; in order to get the right "groove" for the song, either Jim or Tyler (according to producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda) suggested that the band, as well as the producer, take off all their clothes before recording. The practice was also applied to all overdubs and final mixes made for the song; everyone involved had to be naked.

The tradition carried on for 11 more years; one track was recorded for each full-length studio album while the band was completely nude. The band eventually grew tired of the joke, and 2003's Everything to Everyone was the last album for which a naked track was recorded.

List of naked tracks[]

Song Recorded for Notes
"The King of Bedside Manor" Gordon
"Intermittently" Maybe You Should Drive
"Back" Born on a Pirate Ship Left off the finished album; later released as a B-side on the "Brian Wilson 2000" CD single in 1997
"Alcohol" Stunt The only naked track to be released as a single
"The Humour of the Situation" Maroon
"Sign Me Up" Everything to Everyone Left off the final album and never released; a small snippet was played at a show on the 2003 Peep Show tour. Producer Ron Aniello reportedly "chickened out" and refused to remove his clothes.