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Page Publications, later known as Page Music from 1996 onward, was an independent record label run by Steven Page's father Victor Page. It is mainly remembered for releasing Barenaked Ladies' 5-song self-titled cassette EP known as The Yellow Tape. After the runaway success of the tape, Page Publications became a full-time job for Victor, and they later released or distributed records by several other Canadian artists.

Page Publications/Page Music releases & distributions []




Barenaked Ladies Barenaked Ladies (aka The Yellow Tape) 1991
Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono (CD single) 1991
The Lowest of the Low Shakespeare My Butt 1991
Melanie Doane Harvest Train 1993
Glueleg Heroic Doses 1994
Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent Dining Out 1995
Supergarage Duct Tape 1995
Kenny MacLean Clear 1995
Danielle French Me, Myself & I 1995
Zolty Cracker Go Please Stay 1995
George St. Kitts Never Stop 1995
Lost & Profound Love's Sweet Messenger 1996
Salmonblaster Salmonblaster 1996
Lenni Jabour Lenni Jabour 1996
Throbbin Hoods Hot Live Action 1996
Random Killing Urine the 90s Now 1996
Rock Dogs New Primitives 1996
Cool Blue Halo Kangaroo 1996
Race Race 1996
The Brothers Creeggan The Brothers Creeggan II 1997
Guido Basso & Doug Riley A Lazy Afternoon 1997
Scott Cushnie with Doug Riley, Tyler Yarema & Lance Anderson Two Pianos No Waiting - Volume 2 1997
Gregory Isaacs Happy As A King 1997
Layaway Plan Addictive 1997
Gene Lees Gene Lees Sings Gene Lees 1997
Space City USA Chromed
The Paper Route Go Get It 1997
Thundermug Bang the Love Drum 1997
Trunk Throwin' the Horns 1998
Groovy Religion Canadabis 1998
Frankenstein UV 1998
Ghetto Concept Krazy World 1998
Stephen Duffy You Are 1998
Stephen Duffy I Love My Friends 1998
Mayfield Mayfield 1998
Punchbuggy My Norwegian Cousin 1998
The Nines Wonderworld of Colourful 1998
Citizen Kane Deliverance 1999
Dezzie Ranks More More More 1999
Mathematik Ecology 1999
Diamond X I 4ever Shine 1999
John Tesh One Day 1999
Al'sham & K.P. Street Visions 1999
Troy Brown Feel Allright 1999
Various artists The World Accordion to Popguru 1999
Ivana Santilli Brown 1999
Madlocks Nothing to Lose Much to Gain 1999
Annick Gagnon I'm Temperamental 1999
Geoff Gibbons Love Tattoos 1999
Nash the Slash Thrash 1999
DNS Idle Time 1999
Jean Martin / Kevin Turcotte / Justin Haynes Get Together Weather 1999
Various artists It's About Freedom to Dance 2000
Spookey Ruben Breakfast 2000
The Pearlfishers The Young Picknickers 2000
Brown Eyed Susans Afraid of Heights 2000
Lorraine Lawson If I Could 2000
Blaise Pascal Hairspray 2000
Spookey Ruben Bed 2001
Various artists Ear Candy Song Sampler, February 2001: Chocolate Kiss 2001
Tru-Paz R-Evolution 2002
Various artists Underground Hip-Hop Vol. 1 2002
Stefan Bauer Silent Witness unknown
Mark Eisenman The Chant unknown
Wild Strawberries Life Sized unknown
Various artists Page 2 unknown

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