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Stephen Anthony James Duffy (born May 30, 1960 in Alum, Birmingham, England), sometimes known as Tin Tin, is an English singer-songwriter and frequent writing partner of former Barenaked Ladies singer and frontman Steven Page.

Biography Edit

Duffy was born in Birmingham in 1960. He was a founding member of the English pop group Duran Duran from 1978-1979, leaving before the band signed to EMI and became internationally famous.

Duffy formed the band Tin Tin (which later became a solo project under the name Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy) in 1982 and released the single "Kiss Me". Duffy later formed the band The Lilac Time in 1986.

Collaborations with Steve Edit

Steven Page became a fan of Duffy's work at the age of 15 in 1985 when he bought a copy of Duffy's album The Ups and Downs. Steve then started writing fan mail, which, to his surprise, Duffy responded to, and the two became pen pals of sorts. Sometime around 1989 the two became friends in person, and in 1993 Duffy brought up the idea of writing songs together.[1] Page and Duffy would go on to co-write a total of nine songs that appeared on official BNL albums and two additional songs that were released as B-sides.

2000's Maroon was the last BNL album to feature a Page/Duffy song ("Baby Seat"), and the pair would later co-write most of the songs for Page's solo albums The Vanity Project and Page One.

Songs co-written with Stephen Duffy Edit

Artist/band Album Songs
Barenaked Ladies Maybe You Should Drive "Jane"

"Everything Old Is New Again"

"Alternative Girlfriend"

"The Wrong Man Was Convicted"

Barenaked Ladies Born On A Pirate Ship "I Live With It Everyday"
Barenaked Ladies Shoe Box E.P. "Trust Me"
Barenaked Ladies Stunt "I'll Be That Girl"


"Call and Answer"

Barenaked Ladies Maroon "Baby Seat"
Barenaked Ladies "Pinch Me" single

Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan

"Powder Blue"
The Vanity Project The Vanity Project (album) All except "So. Cal"
Steven Page Page One All except:

"A New Shore"

"Clifton Springs"

"Marry Me"

"All the Young Monogamists"

"Leave Her Alone"

Trivia Edit

  • According to Steve, the song "Jane" stemmed from Duffy having a crush on a girl who worked at a health food store near Steve's house; he came up with the name "Jane St. Clair" after seeing the intersection of Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue on a map of Toronto and remarking that it sounded like the most beautiful intersection in the world (which it isn't).

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